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Brickhouse 562 is a creative content company serving businesses Lakewood, Long Beach and the surrounding  area that specializes in promotional and live event video productions.


Our mission is to build community around the people and businesses that make the 562 truly special. 

With our community podcasts and services we offer which include: website creation, promotional videos and livestream production, we want to build the community one conversation at a time, brick by brick.



Live streaming production generates more engagement than pre-recorded video. When you host an event and don’t live stream it, you might squeeze a few hundred people into your audience. When you live stream it, it could be thousands! Let Brickhouse 562 capture your next event live, schedule a free consult today.


With the dawn of the digital era it’s nearly impossible to host an event without leaving a digital footprint, and if you’re going to leave a footprint, you might as well make a mark. Event videography is the art of capturing significant events and other moments of celebration with loved ones, in order to relive these moments in the future. 

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